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2 in1 ライト   エクストリームクリア   サンディングフリー   スカルプティングジェル

2 in 1 light

LED light⇔UV light of reshuffling type


Extreme Clear

8g・25g/UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Sanding Free

UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Sculpting Gel

25g/UV 2min curing ※UV only

●Body size: width 265mm × height 130mm ×depth 305mm
●Weight: 1.4kg
●Voltage: 100v
●Power consumption: LED16W, UV36W
●Wavelength: LED405nm, UV365nm
●Set time: LED (16W)・・5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 60sec
UV(36W)・・30sec, 60sec, 120sec, 180sec (UV light is an exchange type of 9W×4)
●Warranty period: 1 year


●Base Gel that pursued more adhesion
●Secure treatment with adhesion that last for 3~4 weeks
●Easy off
●Easy Base Gel even for beginners


Discontinued 4g box


●Exclusive gel for length out
●Hard type with sufficient hardness
●Bubbles unlikely to enter, finishes with beautiful clarity.





November 2016   May 2018        
トライアルキット   トライアルキット        

Trial kit Ⅱ


Non Wipe Top Gel

15g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing





●<Kit contents> Color Gel all 3 colors 4g each
①Glossy Top Gel 15g
②Extreme Clear 8g
③Gel Cleaner 150ml
④Gel Brush Flat Ⅱ


●Superlative clarity with no yellowing
●Excellent cost performance
●Long-lasting, gloss like wet
●Easy coating texture with form kept retained
●Non-Wipe type which wiping isunnecessary