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2 in1 ライト   エクストリームクリア   サンディングフリー   スカルプティングジェル

2 in 1 light

LED light⇔UsV light of rehuffling type


Extreme Clear

8g・25g/UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Sanding Free

UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Sculpting Gel

25g/UV 2min curing ※UV only

●Body size: width 265mm × height 130mm ×depth 305mm
●Weight: 1.4kg
●Voltage: 100v
●Power consumption: LED16W, UV36W
●Wavelength: LED405nm, UV365nm
●Set time: LED (16W)・・5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 60sec
UV(36W)・・30sec, 60sec, 120sec, 180sec (UV light is an exchange type of 9W×4)
●Warranty period: 1 year


●Base Gel that pursued more adhesion
●Secure treatment with adhesion that last for 3~4 weeks
●Easy off
●Easy Base Gel even for beginners


Discontinued 4g box


●Exclusive gel for length out
●Hard type with sufficient hardness
●Bubbles unlikely to enter, finishes with beautiful clarity.





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トライアルキット   トライアルキット   fuwamo   m.d.a effect

Trial kit Ⅱ


Non Wipe Top Gel

15g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing



Carbonic Acid Soap (with foaming net)


m.d.a effect

5g/UV 2min curing LED 30sec curing

●<Kit contents> Color Gel all 3 colors 4g each
①Glossy Top Gel 15g
②Extreme Clear 8g
③Gel Cleaner 150ml
④Gel Brush Flat Ⅱ


●Superlative clarity with no yellowing
●Excellent cost performance
●Long-lasting, gloss like wet
●Easy coating texture with form kept retained
●Non-Wipe type which wiping isunnecessary


A creamy carbonated foam envelopes your skin, with approximately 3,000ppm*(1) of high-concentration carbonic acid produced each time you wash your face as normal. It’s super easy to create the foam! When you use the foaming net provided, you can enjoy the sensation of “bouncy bubbles” with enhanced smoothness and elasticity!
*(1) Theoretical value calculated from the compounded amount of ingredients that generate carbonic acid.


●All 26 colors
●Collaboration Color Gel with instructor M.D.A NAiL mayu
●Cute Confit Paisley looks