What is Leaf Gel Premium…

“Power of Beauty” to all the specialists of beauty and manicurists!
Leaf Gel Premium meets the women’s needs who want to color fingertips beautiful, and also offer high-end products for the professional that has a feature called “high adhesion, high durability and high color” to manicurist, salon, and schools. Domestic production under high quality management based on safety and security, we achieved a low price with the quality to meet the professional requirements. We will always support the professional technology and sensibility, and seek to contribute to customer satisfaction.

Color Gel that has preeminent coloring that does not blur.
Great coloring and finishes with a vivid color.
It wouldn’t get blurred even in case of color on color, so it’s ideal for an art.

◼ Achieved glossy and smooth self-leveling
◼ Eliminates the shrinkage
◼ Great stretching texture that expands the world of art.
◼ It achieved both adhesion and smooth off.


Base gel

エクストリームクリア+   サンディングフリー

Extreme Clear +

8g・25g/UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Sanding Free

UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


●Improved & more powerful typebase gel of "Extreme Clear" inadhesive strenghth,while easinessof gel-off still remains.
●Having a proper texture & easyoperation.


●Non-stress base gel from on to off
●Apply on without damaging your nail due to unnecessary of sanding.
●Easy in taking off leads minimum damage to the nail


※Those who’s nail are thin, damaged, or easy peeling, we recommend to apply two times.


Top Gel

トップジェル レヴ   トップジェル レヴ   リッチマット

Top Gel Primo

UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing


Top Gel Rev.

8g・25g/UV 2min curing ※UV only


Rich Matte

4g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing

★★★   ★★★   ★★★

●Natural & elastic fitting on nailwith high shine coating
●Easy operative texture


●Thoroughly eliminates the yellowing
●Long lasting of moisture and glossy feelings
●No fug even over-curing (under 6 min)


●Matte Coat Top Gel
●Luxurious texture suchas velor


※Recommend wiping off with nail prep、not gel cleaner

グロッシートップジェル   ノンワイプトップジェル

Glossy Top Gel

15g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing


Non Wipe Top Gel Ⅱ

15g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing


●Corresponds to both LED/UV
●Last until the moment you take it off, brighten like a crystal
●Optimal viscosity and excellent self-leveling
●Easy coating brush type


●Superlative clarity with no yellowing
●Excellent cost performance
●Long-lasting, gloss like wet
●Easy coating texture with form kept retained
●Non-Wipe type which wiping isunnecessary


Color Gel/Extension Gel

カラージェル       スカルプティングジェル    

Color Gel

UV 1min curing LED 20~30sec curing




Sculpting Ⅱ

8g・25g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing



●All 218 colors
●Preeminent color
●Great stretch for Art
●Does not get blurred color on color
●Great self-leveling


●Exclusive gel for length out
●Hard type with sufficient hardness
●Bubbles unlikely to enter, finishes with beautiful clarity.
●Can be used as top gel.




Color list is here            


ポリッシュタイプ カラー   ポリッシュタイプ BASE   ポリッシュタイプ TOP

Polish Type Color

5g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing


Polish Type Base Ⅱ

5g/UV 1min curing LED 20sec curing


Polish Type Top Ⅱ

5g/UV 1min curing LED 30sec curing

● 20 colors
● Applies easily, while preventing uneven coating!
● Quality Color, High Adhesion, and yet smooth removal!
●  Good for both manicures and pedicures!


● Sanding-free to limit nail discomfort!
● Excellent adhesion power without the need for sanding!
● Easy-to-apply consistency eliminates surfaces ridges and leads to a beautiful finish!


● Non-wipe to save on time! No need wiping solution reduces cost!
● Apprearance has the distinctive shine and luster of gel nails exactly!




Liquid acids

ネイルプレップ   ジェルクリーナー   ジェルリムーバー   キューティクルリムーバー

Nail Prep



Gel Cleaner



Gel Remover



Cuticle Remover


●Pre-solution to remove the oil・water, and disinfect it.


●Exclusive solution for wiping non-softening gel off. Also able for use of gel brush, or gel cleaner that attached to the hand,etc.


●A solution for soak off of gel.



●Many kinds of beauty ingredients are concentratedly mixtured.
●Using a spoit , it's hygienic
●Gel type


Light/Trial kit

ライト   サロン導入キット

Dual-wave LED Light

  Salon introduction kit Ⅱ

●Dual wavelength of 365nm(for UV)and 405nm(for LED)exposure results in basically any UV gel,LED gel & UV/LED gel can be cured ,of course including every LEAFGEL PREMIUM gel.
●With a detachable reflector(magnet type)

◆Commodity standard
Wavelength:LED405nm+UV365nm/Body size:15㎝×19cm×8.5cmWight:430g:/Voltage:100~240V/Power consumption:LED24W

※With on/off sensor

  ●<Kit contents> Color Gel all 20 colors 4g each
①Glossy Top Gel 15g
②Extreme Clear 8g
③Top Gel Rev 8g
④Nail Prep 500ml
⑤Gel Remover 500ml
⑥Gel Cleaner 500ml
⑦Emery Board 180G
⑧Board Fail Zero (Pink) 150G
⑨Board Fail Ciel (Blue) 180g
⑩Sponge Buffer Violet
(Purple) 100/180G
⑪Sponge Buffer Azure
(Blue Green) 220/280G


●Emery: Ideal for salon work since it’s tapered
●Board File: Use domestic material that is excellent in low wear out and great durability.
●Sponge: Bends well, moderate cushioning properties, and excellent in use


エメリーボード ボードファイル ロゼ(ピンク) ボードファイル シエル (ブルー) スポンジバッファー ヴィオレ (パープル) スポンジバッファー アジュール (ブルーグリーン)

Emery Board


Board File Rose

Board File Ciel

Sponge Buffer Viollet

Sponge Buffer Azure
(Blue green)


Gel brush

フラット オーバル フレンチ ショートフレンチ

Made by high quality nylon

Made by high quality nylon
Made by high quality nylon
Made by high quality nylon
ボーダー ライナーS ライナーL ライナーXS

Made by high quality nylon

《Liner S Ⅱ》
Made by high quality nylon
《Liner L Ⅱ》
Made by high quality nylon
Made by high quality nylon
Mini Oval Gradation    

《Mini Oval》
Made by high quality nylon

Made by high quality nylon