QIs stirring necessary?
Since pigment, lamé, and some of the components might be separated, it is likely to stir before you use.
QFor coating hologram or stones, which gel is preferred to use, Clear or Top?
Both of them can be used, but Leaf Gel Premium prefer to use Top Gel since there is a viscosity and excellence in clarity.
QIs it okay to be used in combination with other manufactures?
It is okay to use in combination, but is not recommended. Ingredients of gel are slightly different from manufacture, and that there is compatibility, it is likely to use in align of clear (base), color, and top.
QDoes it correspond with the LED light?
Leaf Gel Premium corresponds with LED light (about 10W) for 20sec curing in Clear Gel, and 20sec curing in Color Gel.
QHow many second for provisional curing?
It will provisionally cure in about 20~30sec (UV36W).
QIs Cosmetic Registration completed?
Yes, it is completed. All the components are displayed, so you may use safe and secure. (※Except for some products)
QIs it a designated goods for JNA Gel Nail Proficiency measurement examination?